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Taking On Too Much

I had an entire post drafted up about all the positive changes I was making in my life along with the reasons I was making them. 716 more words


One Week.

It’s like revisiting the past, one painless millisecond at a time. That sense of hopelessness which doesn’t let up. The deep down feeling that leaves you asking, “what am I really doing here?” and just keeps on going and going. 930 more words

Who Are You?

Who are you?
I am a Hindu.
Ok, move on. Next.

Who are you?
I am an Indian.
Ok, move on. Next.

Who are you? 28 more words

Leaving Chicago

Chicago. I lost myself here. I found myself here. And now I’m ready to get the hell out of here.

And I am. I’m moving. Across the lake! 795 more words


10 Things We Forget in the Competitive Rush of Life (But Should Always Remember)

Life – sometimes it runs us over and sometimes, we run it, or so we feel. The rush of life teaches us all many lessons, from our relevant perspectives. 727 more words


Be One With Your Force

With a power so great,

One can see no bounds.

Remaining rooted,

While blinded by the light

And drawn to darkness.

The mist’s overwhelming,

Fogging one’s insight. 37 more words


How You Are Self Sabotaging Your Happiness

Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you had an excellent weekend. Mine was very productive. I feel like I got quite a few things done and I am honestly super proud of myself. 1,344 more words